Ladybird Softshell Set

I made Tobias a lovely softshell set with a jacket and pants, that he used for almost 2 years. I got so many compliments from other parents and the kindergarden teachers! The lining is rather worn now, but the softshell is fine, so I am considering replacing the lining and letting Markus take it over when it fits him.

I used ladybird fleece lined softshell from Empress Mills (bought pre-brexit) and acetate lining and black fleece lined softshell from Metervarer, my local fabric shop. I didn’t have enough ladybird softshell to make the pants, so I made them in black with ladybird details.

I used the Rainhaven Overalls and Pixie Pea Coat (hacked with concealed zipper and detachable hood) from Twig+Tale. I always make childrens coats/jacket with detachable hoods, so they will snap off if they are stuck on anything.

Tobias has loved his ladybird softshell set, and I am sad to see him grow out of it – but I hope it will have a new life with Markus.

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